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happy-family-in-swimming-pool-houston-txFinancing is available for your new custom patio or your swimming pool. 

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Pool Repair After the Hurricane

call-casual-patio-pool-damage-by-floodAfter our tragedy, pool owners face the task of cleaning up a soggy mess.  Once your family is taken care of and your living quarters are livable, we can help with your swimming pool, patio, or hot tub.

1. Be sure to take photos of your pool for any insurance claims.  Take more than one and be sure to get all sides of the pool and surrounding areas.

2. Remove all debris from inside and around the pool.

3. Drain excess water from the pool.

4. Before you turn on the pump, check for loose wires.  Make sure the motor is dry before you turn it on.

5. Once the filtration pump is on - keep it on for 24 hours, then test the pH.  Adjust with chemicals if needed.  Then circulate for another 24 hours and retest.

6. Monitor chlorine levels and try to keep it at 1-4ppm. Add chlorinating shock as needed to maintain levels.

7. Clean the filter often.  Call us if you need chemicals.

8. After the water is balanced and sanitized, you can resume use of the pool.

Spa Repair After the Flood

flooded-landscapePrepare Insurance Information - Take Pictures

Take photos of the spa from all angles. Email these photos to your insurance agent.

Turn off the Power

Be safe - turn off the power to the unit. Turn off the circuit breaker. If the spa is 120v, unplug it from the outlet. Contact a professional electrician if you have any doubt.

Assess the Damage

Take a look at the electrical connections. Check for burn marks and places that look corroded. Replace anything that looks damaged. Contact us to complete any repair - we have access to all parts no matter the make or model.
Here is a list of parts that can be affected by water damage:
  • Spa Packs
  • Ozonator
  • Blowers
  • Pumps

Be sure to dry out the spa

zep-mold-stain-and-mildew-removerBefore you even think about turning on the power, all the equipment must be completely dry. If some of the electrical equipment is wet, a power surge can damage it further. Use a shop vac to remove any excess water in any of the compartments. Immediately spray the insides with a Mold and Mildew remover.

Leave the door to the equipment area open with a fan blowing inside during dry days to allow moisture to evaporate, and prevent mildew. After it is dry, spray it again with mildew remover - and dry again.

Fall Special

We are having a special on the Nordic Jubilee MS.

(Regular price $5,495 now only $4,995)

Jubilee - Dealer Flyer

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