Nassau Bay TX Pools & Spas

TX-Nassau-Bay-ImageAdd an Above Ground Pool, a new patio, or hot tub to your Nassau Bay home. 

Enjoy all the benefits of a warm Hot Tub and the great family time with a new pool.  Casual Patio, Pools Spas and More is just down the road from Nassau Bay and we're ready to build a new paito with a built in gas grill.  Your home's improvement can be accomplished within your budget.  Casual patio does the following:
  • Doughboy Above Ground Pools
  • The Big Green Egg BBQ & Smoker
  • Custom Grills to fit your patio
  • Patio Installations
  • Nordic Hot Tubs
  • Complete Supplies

Colonel Raymond Pearson established the Spirit of 1776 Ranch on what would become Nassau Bay. In 1962, a community was planned which would be an exclusive residential and commercial area emphasizing its pioneers and at a then-staggering cost of $49 million. In 1962 construction of Nassau Bay began and the first residents moved to Nassau Bay in 1964; its initial population was 400. It was developed by Ernest W. Roe Company, with Thompson McCleary of Caudill, Rowlett, and Scott providing architectural services and Nassau Bay Development Associates establishing the development. The name was chosen by the developers because of the tropical feeling it generated. At the time, NASA was moving personnel from several areas in the United States with a high quality of life, including California and notably, Florida. In 1968 the community had 2,979 residents. The city incorporated in 1970. The population was 6,702 in 1980, 4,526 in 1982, 4,506 in 1991, and 4,170 in 2000.