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There is so much to do in RosenbergTexas-grill
  • Spend the day at Rose-Rich Shopping Center then cool your heels in your Doughboy Swimming Pool.
  • Enjoy the game at Traylor Stadium, then invite your friends over for late night brisket from The Big Green Egg smoker on your new custom built patio.


Henry von Rosenberg migrated from Switzerland to the United States in 1843. His early ancestors were from Bohemia. He was born June 22, 1824 and died May 12, 1893. He was a very wealthy man dealing in railroading, banking and wharfs. Mr. Rosenberg was the first president of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad.

Interesting historical facts about Rosenberg TX:

  • In 1947, Senate candidate Lyndon B. Johnson landed, by helicopter, on the roof of Leonard Penkert's Store and Garage,
  • Mart Cole, Sr., Wendell Shannon, D.I. Lowem, Gus Kunkel, Walter Shult and Julius Junker established radio station KFRD.
  • By 1951, John Wayne, Jeff Chandler, Keenan Wynn and Gayle Storm had appeared at the Cole Theatre to promote "Movie Time in Texas."
  • In 1959 Fidel Castro passed through on a motorcade en route to a Hungerford ranch, where he was to receive a horse.
  • By 1960, the city's population was 9,698 and by 1970, 12,098. By 1980, there were 17,995 people and new shopping centers were springing up all over the city.
  • Rosenberg's population as of the 2010 census was 30,618.