Swimming Pool Sales in Katy TX

katy-tx-fountainDoughboy Pool Installation Options:
  • 20 mil Expandable Liner - Blue Bayou
  • 150 lb Sand Filter
  • 1.5 HP Pump
  • Mineral Sanitizing System
  • A-Frame or Deck Ladder - Your Choice
  • Deluxe In-Wall Skimmer & Return
  • Heavy Duty Solar Cover
  • Heavy Duty Extension Pole
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Head
  • Heavy Duty Skimmer
  • Heavy Duty Thermometer
  • Back Wash Hose
  • Chemical/Test Starter Kit
  • Winterizing Aquador
  • Solar Heating System
  • Heater or Heat Pump
  • Walk-In Stair
  • Underwater Light
  • Solar Reel
  • Winter Cover
  • Automatic Pool Vacuum
  • Wood Deck
After you spend the day at the Rice Harvest Festival, you can kick back in your Hot Tub and soak your bones.

Casual Pool of Katy TX sells and services:
  • Doughboy Above Ground Pools
  • Nordic Hot Tubs
  • Custom Grills from Blaze
  • Custom Patios

The townsite of Katy was laid out and platted by J. O. Thomas, L. C. Luckel, and R. M. Cash in 1895, supposedly named for the M-K-T Railroad that runs through it. The City of Katy was formally incorporated in 1945. Katy has always been a traditional family style community; however, it also played a major role as a rail hub, a rice farming and agricultural center, and one of the largest gas fields in this part of Texas.