Century Round - Above Ground Pool

blue-pin-transparentThis is the most popular Above Ground Pool in Houston Texas.

The strength of steel and the beauty of resin combine with an attractive pattern to create the backyard of your dreams. This pool by Embassy Pools is a classic.


Soothing and Peaceful

  • Rugged, baked enamel steel, 9" wrap-around top rails
    and verticals in a creamy tan.
  • Sophisticated, taupe-colored resin top connectors.
  • 52", hot-dipped galvanized copper bearing steel wall
    in a soft elegant Century pattern.
  • Compac Supports on all Ovals.
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty on All Pool Components.
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Quality Features

  • Compac Supports on all Ovals.
  • Corrugated pool wall for flexibility and vertical strength.
  • Staggered bolt wall closure provides maximum strength and wall stability.
  • Large, pre-punched skimmer and eyeball return openings eliminate sharp edges that could cut the liner during installation.
A vailable in an array of exciting sizes:
Round: 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30'
Oval: 12' x 20', 12' x 24', 16' x 24', 16' x 28', 16' x 32',
18' x 34', 21' x 41'