Oxygen Pool Testimonials

oxygen-above-ground-pool-katy-tx"I'm recommending Oxygen Pools to all my patients. You have my vote!""

S. Wilson, 15,000 gallon pool, Maryland

"It gets hot here in Dallas and my Oxygen Pool was perfect all season long. Simple, easy and such beautiful water!"

R. Holt, 20,000 gallon pool, Dallas, Texas

"I've never seen the water look so beautiful, even in the hottest weather."

S. Felsen, 20,000 gallon pool, Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for creating such a great product. Very low maintenance and very easy to maintain. This system has saved me so much time and has been wonderful for my family."

J. Klingenberg, Jr. 15,000 gallon pool, Pennsylvania

"Our water looks like glass!"

D. Dechirico, 10,000 gallon pool, Pennsylvania

"I thought there weren't any good choices about how to keep our pool water clean and safe. I didn't want my children swimming in heavy chemicals. When I learned about Oxygen Based Water Treatment, it made perfect sense. Our water looks like glass even after we've had a party!"

12 by 24 foot oval pool, Yardley PA