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bigfish-Sargent-txSargent is one of the best family oriented communities in Texas. 

Above Ground Pools, Custom Patios, and Hot Tubs from Casual Patio Pool & Spas service all the residents of Sargent TX. 

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Hidden along the Texas coast between Freeport and Matagorda is one of Texas best kept secrets. It is a small community, with only 500 full time residents, that offers great fishing with easy access to East Matagorda Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. It also has a beautiful beach which you can lay back and enjoy the sun, have a picnic, enjoy swimming and fishing. This hidden little gem along the Texas coast is Sargent, Texas. A fisherman's paradise, surrounded by open land, it is located just 74 miles south west of Houston, 24 miles south of Bay City, Texas. Sargent is nestled on the coast between Freeport and Matagorda and near the towns of Lake Jackson and Bay City. It has the bare necessities of shops including grocery, hardware, a few campgrounds, and only one motel.

If you're a fisherman, Sargent has several bait camps/marinas, paid boat ramps, and a free public boat ramp. At most of the camps you can purchase table shrimp right from the boat. There are a few homes that you can rent on a nightly or weekly basis.

Sargent has about 500 full time residents. On the weekends and holidays however it can raise to about 4-5,000. Caney Creek, which gives you access to the Intracoastal Waterway, East Matagorda Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, runs right through the homes in town. Homes and lots along the areas man made canals, provide the same access as well as those located directly on the Intracoastal Waterway(GIWW). Water access allows you to pull your boat right up to your house and fish and crab from your pier. There are a couple of restaurants that have waterside parking so if you are out on the water, and need something to eat or drink, you can pull right up and enjoy a meal. Water sports can be enjoyed right from your back yard. During the summer month's you will see people water skiing or tubing right on Caney Creek.

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