Houston Patio Contractor

Your next Houston patio contractor is Casual Patio.

The smallest gotcha can ruin hours of patio construction if you choose a contractor poorly.  Problem patio can be unsightly and subject to uneven settling and draining.  These can even affect your home's foundation.  That's why choosing the right contractor is important.  Casual Patio has expert contractors that handle your paver installation on your patio.
Asking the right questions can help to ensure a successful installation. 

A professional custom patio contractor will:
  • Be sure your patio has a slight bank to drain water
  • They will compact the soil before laying any materials
  • Continue to compact each layer
  • Add a geo-fabric layer between the sub-surface and the crushed stone layer
  • Use a layer of sand to top off the foundation
  • Install edging which will keep the pavers in place
  • Use joint sand to fill in the spaces between pavers
When patio pavers are in place by a professional - it looks simple.  But a good job requires planning, attention to detail and an expert eye.  Choose Casual Patio to create you new backyard.