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edna-tx-logoEdna is one of the best family oriented communities in Texas. 

Above Ground Pools, Custom Patios, and Hot Tubs from Casual Patio Pool & Spas service all the residents of Edna.  Purchase your next:
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  • Doughboy Above Ground Pool
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  • The most sought after above ground pool - the Century Round

Flag City

Edna became the "Flag City" in 1968, when the City Council passed a resolution stating that inasmuch as our sons were risking their lives in a conflict on foreign soil; and knowing the draft card burning, protest marches, and anti-war demonstrations aided and comforted the enemy and prolonged the war; the City of Edna condemned all such un-American activities, and wished to show its support of the government of the United States, and decreed that the flag of the United States be flown along city streets until an honorable peace had been secured in Vietnam.

The resolution appeared in national publications, including the Stars and Stripes newspaper in Vietnam. One local citizen, serving in Vietnam at the time, became a celebrity among his peers simply because Edna was his home town. This patriotic, no-nonsense attitude still exists in Edna and is symbolized by the ongoing use of the Flag City motto and the daily display of American flags in downtown Edna.