Above Ground Pool Benefits for Houston TX Home Owners

Benefits of an above ground pool in Houston TX - read this article to understand the benefits, then contact us for a quote and guaranteed installation.

diving-through-hoopsWhy install an above ground pool in my Houston TX home?

One of the first pools in the United States was in Texas - of course.  The Deep Eddy pool was built during the Depression-era and began as a bathhouse.  Since then millions of home owners have added a pool to their back yard.  When installing a pool, should you get an in-ground or above ground pool?

Above ground pools in Houston are very popular. They bring families closer, and a great time for friends.  You pool is a place to cool off and relax.  There are many benefits to installing an above ground pool from Casual Patio, Pools & Spas. Here are a few reasons why you should get a quote from us if you want an above ground pool in Houston, TX.

  • Above Ground Pools are much less expensive than in-ground pool installation.  The savings from an above ground pool can pay for a beautiful new deck and new patio.
  • Above Ground Pools naturally stay cleaner.  Because they are "above" ground, it is harder for debris to blow into the water.  Also, crawling and hopping visitors do not jump that high.
  • Installing a Houston area Above Ground Pools is much easier than an in-ground pool.
  • Often times, above ground pools do not require heaters. Above Ground Pools maintain heat they gather from the sun.
  • TAXES:  Above ground pools are not a permanent fixtures; meaning your property taxes will not increase.
  • SAFETY: It is safer for your children and pets because the pool is off the ground.  Remove the ladder and it is even safer.
  • SPACE: Above Ground Pools usually take up much less space than in-ground pools.
  • An Above Ground Pools is portable. You can move an above ground pool.  If you install an in-ground pools too far to the left - too bad - you're stuck.  If you move, take your above ground pool to your next Houston home.
  • REPAIR: A leak with an in-ground pool is a nightmare.  An Above Ground Pool is much easier to repair. 

Get a quote for your next Houston Pool from Casual Patio, Pools and Spas.

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