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    The Aldine area boasts of a great school system in our community.  The Eisenhower High School is known for its great student body and after school activities.
  • Insulation in a Spa or Swim Spa

    They may not have reached the evening news, but there have been debates about he best insulation type in a spa, hot tub or swim spa.

    Insulation-saves-Dollar-BillsThere are actually 3 reasons for insulation in your Huston Texas Hot Tub.

    1. Maintains Hot Tub temperature - this one is the obvious and best reason for insulation.
    Full foam will always out perform any other type of insulation; we use it in coolers, thermos and the walls of our home.

    2. Reduces Vibration - engineers will validate the fact that "VIBRATION CAUSES FAILURE". There are nearly three hundred feet of hosing inside the average spa. If the water is passing through these pipes at a high velocity, the hoses will be shaking if FULL FOAM does not stabilize them. Although many will state that a Non-Full Foam spa is easier to fix, it is also guaranteed to fail.

    3. Reduces Noise - related to vibration but if you want to reduce NOISE, find a spa with full foam.

    The cover will also be a determining factor with your energy bills. A cover that seals to the shell and seals at the seam will provide you with a great lid. The foam inside the cover can range from 2 ¼" to 5" thick, but the density of the foam will offer the most strength. A steel support along the seam will also add strength to the cover to prevent a collapse in the center.

    Casual Patio sells Nordic Hot Tubs with standard 2 pound closed cell spray on foam and the OPTIONAL T-20 certified Nordic Wrap insulation.

  • Pool Sales & Installation Near Houston

    Casual Patio Polls and Spas has been selling, installing and servicing Doughboy Above Ground Pools for many years.doughboylogo

    Doughboy awarded Casual Patio the Platinum dealer level.  There is a large variety of swimming pools. With all the options, you can find one to fits your budget and needs. 

    Click here to learn more about Doughboy Pools.
    • Explore the possibilities and find just what you want with Doughboy!
    • strong enough to walk on
    • Deep End Expandable Liners
    • best warranties in the industry
    • Quieter Pumps and Better Filter Systems
    • Durable Materials For long Term Trouble Free Enjoyment
    • "true" 20mil and 25 mil liners, no clay fillers
    Houston Texas has a number of swimming pool ordinances.  But, you do not need to concern yourself about them, we'll take care of them.

    Here is a link to the Houston Ordinances (PDF).

    Be sure to get a quote for a new deck around your Houston Pool from our top installation contractor, Mario's Pool & Deck Company.
  • The Palm Shore - Above Ground Pool

    The Palm Shore - The world's most versatile pool. It is a 52" above the ground pool that is strong enough to bury.

    Houston above ground pool dealer PalmShore.Rd 562x299
    • Beautifully Crafted Top Rails & Vertical Supports - Classic 8½" top rails and 7" verticals provide rock-solid stability and durability.
    • Available in 52" Sidewalls
    • Com-Pac™ II Oval Support System - Superior engineering to maximize your pool! No other manufacturer can provide you with the space-saving features of the Com-Pac™ II.
    • Zinc Clad™ 11000 - Hot Dipped Galvanizing and numerous protective coatings for protection and corrosion resistance.
    • Rugged Resin Components - Provide durability and longevity.

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