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Use use the pool skimmer to scoop them out. 

After that you can let them go or have frog legs for dinner.

Frogs are one of the most endearing reptile.  Kids love 'em, French restuarants love 'em.

Because of their permeable skin, they must remain moist all the time.  Because of the need for wetness, they can become a nuisance.  Most homeowner with a decorative pond or pool can tell you they share it with the frogs.

Because these small bodies of water bodies lack frog's natural predators, they can move in and over populate the space.

The easiest way to get rid of frogs is to consider the reasons why the frogs are there in the first place. Lack of predators is the main factor why frogs overpopulate.  Some cats will eat frogs, but it's not advised that you rely on Tabby to control your frog issue. 

You should also consider the frog's food source. These amphibians are carnivorous, eating small insects and invertebrates. Be sure your pump is working and may consider aerating it to prevent stagnation. Add a waterfall or a fountain to keep the water circulating. If the water is moving, insects will not be successful when they attempt to lay eggs. Without an abundance of insects, frogs will be less likely to find residence in your pool.

If all else fails, hire a professional to exterminate the frogs. They are trained in frog removal. Instead of defeating the frogs in hand-to-hand combat, consider seeking help from an expert.

Click here for "Masters Wildlife Control" in Houston.
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