Temperature control in your Big Green Egg is easy - AND essential.

Exact temperatures are adjusted using the Big Green Egg's patented air flow controls.  Take total control over temperature and maintain the accuracy within a few degrees!  The Made in USA precision temperature gauge provides accuracy to 750° F / 400° C.

One new owner asked: "I can't keep the temperature low?"  They went on to detail, "I wanted smoke the trout we just caught.  I tried to dial back the heat to 200-225 but kept raising to 300-325. Shut all vents and it went out.  What am I doing wrong? How can I keep the heat low for long periods of time?"

Here are some useful techniques:

"shut the vents almost to slivers, top and bottom. The trick is mastering the airflow...the more air, the hotter it gets."

"You need to experiment to find the best, but once you get it (and it doesn't take long), you'll find temp control very reliable."

"You got to get ahead of it, Shut it down 30 or 40 degrees before your temp. It will rise and stablize. then adjust to you exact temp. And remember close is good enough. If you get it hot it is gonna stay hot due to the ceramic mass. A 1/4" inch gap at the bottom and sliver at the top will hold a temp."