Doughboy Above Ground Pool Installation, like any other major backyard project should be completed by professionals.

This video shows what not to expect from our installers. 

Preparing To Install An Above Ground Swimming Pool:


Installing an above ground swimming pool is a relatively easy task to do. Depending on the size (Pools can range from 8 ft to 32ft or more in size) you can even assemble one on your own, although the assembly process is far easier if you have a mate or two to help you. Be sure to check with local codes to verify that a building permit is not needed, and to comply with any pool safety regulations that may be in place.

Custom-Deck-Builder-in-Houston-TXHow Long Will Wood Decking Last?

The lifetime of your wood deck will depend on the wood you choose to work with. For instance, pressure treated pine lasts approximately 10-15 years with proper maintenance. Splintering, warping, and greying are the most common concerns with pressure-treated woods, and they may also factor into the lifetime of other woods. Ask your Archadeck representative which wood materials will last the longest in your environment.

Years of Enjoyment

When we design a wood deck for a client, we're always striving to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Your needs and tastes combined with our design and expertise will provide you with a deck you're happy to enjoy.

Wood Decking vs. Composite Materials

The expanding options in composite decking have steered many homeowners away from traditional wood decks, but there are still plenty of properties that feature pressure-treated pine, African hardwoods, Tiger Wood, and more. Composite materials are strategically designed to last longer and uphold more abuse than wood decking, but they do not have the same visual appeal that natural wood provides and tends to be more expensive. Our deck experts can help you weigh out your options to find the ideal balance for your budget and design goals.

CrownXL-for-the-familyBefore you commit to a hot tub, put some serious thought into how to maximize you and your family's enjoyment.

Is the placement going to be private?

Ideally, the hot tub would fit into a private area of your property. For a clearer sense of the privacy afforded by a location you're thinking might be best.  Mark the dimensions of a tub with a hose or a length of rope. Track the sight lines from different vantage points around the yard, inside the home, and even off the property.

Also, keep in mind that in some areas, building codes require hot tubs to be surrounded by a fence. Perhaps building that barrier would contribute the extra degree of privacy you feel is missing?

Is you spa going to be safe?

Easy access is important. After all, when you're retreating to the tub for a peaceful dip, the last thing you want is to slip and fall on the way in. To make entering and exiting easier, you might install the hot tub in-ground.

Consider integrating the spa into a new or existing deck. Also, insist on such basic and essential safety features as automatic shut-off and a strong, locking cover. These are not bells and whistles to skimp on; they'll offer peace of mind while promoting the well-being of your family and neighbors.

custom-patio-covers-deck-in-Houston-txWe design & install custom patios. From the natural feel of stone, to the elegant look of pavers we offer a variety of styles, materials, colors and patterns to transform your space into a wonderful landscape.  We exceed the standards and our goal is for our product to become the centerpiece of your property.

We'll help you make the right choice and discuss the pros and cons of your options.

When choosing a patio installation specialist, choose a team experienced with a variety of materials and commitment to quality.